Call for Participants

Would you be interested in taking part in a research project exploring open access to medical and educational research outside of academia? We are looking for people who would be willing to be interviewed about their experiences in the following areas:

  • Patients or members of the public who have accessed and read medical research publications for their own personal health reasons, or on behalf of a family member or friend [more info here]
  • Parents or members of the public who have accessed and read educational research publications for their own personal reasons, or on behalf of a family member or friend [more info here]
  • Teachers or other educational practitioners who have accessed or read educational research publications as part of their work [more info here]
  • People who work for organisations that fund medical or educational research [more info here]
  • People who work for open access publishers in the fields of medicine or education [more info here]
  • Researchers in departments of medicine or education [more info here]

You can find out more about the research project here. If you’re interested in taking part, please email and I will contact you about arranging an interview. You should be based in the UK, and if possible, I will be able to travel to interview you at a place of your choosing. If this is not possible, some interviews may be conducted over Skype.

This research project has been granted ethical approval by the University of Sheffield, and is funded by the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities.